Should Parents Be Held Accountable When Their Minor Children Murder?

In 2010, the murder of 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale received both national and international attention, becoming one of the highest profile cases in New Jersey history. Although not a rarity, part of the appeal of this case to media outlets in various countries can be attributed to the fact that a child was murdered by another child.

Justin Robinson was 15-years-old when he strangled Autumn to death and disposed of her remains in a recycle bin. Over the years since Autumn’s murder, her father Anthony Pasquale has made it his purpose to fight for new legislation that would protect children like Autumn. His fight is in the form of a petition for Autumn’s Law. To date, the petition for Autumn’s Law has obtained over 13,000 signatures.

Although parents can be held civilly liable when their minor children murder (depending on the circumstances), Pasquale’s petition seeks legislation that would make those same parents criminally liable if they meet the criteria for Autumn’s Law. Autumn’s law proposes that if abusive or neglectful parents of a minor knew or should have known their child posed a threat or had a propensity for violence and did little or nothing to minimize that risk, they too should be held criminally liable for the child’s actions.

What sparked Pasquale’s crusade was a statement by the defendant during Autumn’s murder case. Through his public defender, Justin Robinson admitted that his violent actions against Autumn were a “learned behavior.” Robinson admitted that he was subjected to years of domestic violence in the home and had witnessed his father choke his mother on a number of occasions. Pasquale also learned that Robinson had a criminal history and has since been diagnosed with a number of emotional and behavioral issues. It became clear to Pasquale that Justin exhibited many red flags prior to the murder, yet his parents failed to properly supervise, control and protect society from their child. This, Pasquale believes, was a contributor to his daughter’s death. Pasquale is confident that had Robinson’s parents provided proper supervision for their child, his daughter would be alive today.

So, should parents be held criminally liable when their minor children murder? Should Pasquale be successful with Autumn’s Law, my opinion is yes.

Doug Long
Managing Partner

Why You Need Attorney Representation at a Planning Board Meeting

There are many functions of a municipal Planning Board; the main purpose is to ensure that permissible use of land is approved or in the alternative, that the use complies with New Jersey’s Land Use Laws and local municipal ordinances.

One of the responsibilities of a Planning Board is to approve plans for business owners/companies who desire an allowable use of land within a municipality. Accordingly, Planning Board agendas frequently include appearances/applications by business owners or companies. There are laws and local ordinances that govern the use of land within municipalities and Planning Boards are in place to ensure that same are complied with in ever application for land use within their municipality. Local ordinances vary from municipality to municipality.

In the State of New Jersey, businesses/companies are required by law to be represented by an attorney before a Planning Board. Given some of the complexities of land use matters, the State recognizes the importance of applicants’ representation by attorneys skilled in the area of land use. Land use attorneys and their knowledge of the law and local ordinances guide, assist and navigate applicants through the Planning Board application process.

Another function of Planning Boards is to hold public forums for citizens, local business owners, and members of the municipality to discuss upcoming plans and projects. If for instance a resident or local business owner wishes to appear before a Planning Board to voice their opinion on an upcoming project within the municipality, they are not required to be represented by attorney.

As a firm that specializes in land use law, Grace, Marmero & Associates offers an array of land use services to Planning Board applicants. If you are in need of a land use attorney, feel free to contact us for a consultation at or by calling (856)848-6440.

Public Entities Trust Grace Marmero

What do public entities look for when they choose a law firm to handle their legal needs? There are a few factors that may be considered, like cost and availability. One of the biggest considerations, and arguably the most important, is experience.

Grace, Marmero, and Associates has the experience that many municipalities trust to handle the sensitive legal need of the local government. These services include:

    • Serving as Solicitor for municipalities such as Deptford Township, Deptford School Board, Eastampton Township, Riverside Township, Township of Galloway, Edgewater Sewer Authority  and Gloucester County Insurance Commission
    • Representing Deptford Township, Borough of Clementon, Eastampton Township, Pittsgrove Township, Fairfield and Northfield Township, City of Millville, City of Bridgeton, Cumberland County Utilities Authority, Cumberland County Improvement Authority, Cumberland County Technical Education Center, Rowan College of SJ, Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority, Neptune Sewerage Authority as Labor and Employment Solicitors
    • Representing City of Bridgeton, City of Wildwood, Washington Township, Wall Township and Matawan as Special Counsel
    • Representing Cumberland County Improvement Authority, Cumberland County Empowerment Zone as Special Projects Attorney
    • Serving as Litigation Attorney for Deptford Township, and Cumberland County
    • Serving as Conflict Attorney for Franklin Township, and Cumberland County Improvement Authority
    • Serving as Defense Counsel for the Camden County Insurance Commissions, New Jersey Housing Authority JIF and New Jersey Utilities Authority JIF
    • Representing Deptford Township, City of Burlington and Burlington County Insurance Fund Commission as Workman’s Compensation Defense Attorney
    • Serving as General Liability Defense Counsel for Burlington County Insurance Fund Commission
    • Representing Deptford Township, Riverside Township, Eastampton Township and City of Lambertville as their COAH Attorneys
    • Serving as Redevelopment Attorneys for Deptford Township,  Riverside Township, City of Wildwood
    • Representing Washington Township as Municipal Utilities Solicitor, Deptford Township as their Municipal Utilities Authority Conflict Solicitor, Riverside Municipal Utilities Authority as Solicitor and Labor Attorney and Cumberland County Utilities Authority as Solicitor and Labor Attorney
    • Serving as In Rem Foreclosure Solicitor for Deptford Township, Township of Willingboro, Riverside Township, City of Bridgeton, City of Millville and Maurice River
    • Serving as Tax Foreclosure Attorney for Fairfield Township, Egg Harbor City and City of Wildwood
    • Serving as Tax Appeal Attorney for Riverside Township, Borough of Keyport, Borough of Bound Brook and Lake Como
    • Representing Camden County as the VRO Attorney and their Condemnation Attorney
    • Representing Delaware River Port Authority as Legal Counsel
    • Serving as Outside Legal Counsel for Bergen County
    • Representing Bergen County Improvement Authority as Special Litigation Counsel Pool
    • Representing Borough of Matawan Special Counsel Pool
    • Serving as Attorney Pool and Prosecutor for Township of Brick
    • Serving as Alternate Prosecutor for Lakewood and Red Bank
    • Serving as Civil Commitment Attorney Burlington County

Grace, Marmero & Associates also currently represents several Education Institutions including Bridgeton Board of Education, Vineland Board of Education, Deptford Board of Education, Camden’s Promise Charter School, Benjamin Banneker Prep School and Bright Horizon Charter School.

Military Service Member Employees & The Law


Military Service Members are a protected class. As such, it is imperative that employers educate themselves on the law and their responsibilities as to the employment of military service members.

Doug Long, managing partner of Long Marmero & Associates has represented governmental and quasi-governmental entities for years.  Doug has combined his governmental experience with his knowledge of the law to offer specialized training and educational consulting to municipal employers of military service members.

Our employment law training and consultation services are available to both our private and public employees. If you are interested in scheduling such training for your company/municipality, contact


Our Proudest Moments

CompleteCare Health

Long Marmero is proud to have been a part of CompleteCare Family Health Foundation.  CompleteCare helps women in our region have healthier pregnancies and improve the health of children and families in Southern New Jersey.

Grace Marmero Introduces Its Community Outreach Department

Since the establishment of Long Marmero and currently Grace, Marmero our lawyers and legal assistants have devoted tens of thousands of hours to community outreach. In additional to providing pro bono legal services to various non-profit organizations and individuals who could otherwise not afford it, we volunteer our time, offer our skills, conduct fundraising efforts and donate to a number of important causes.

In 2010, Long Marmero’s Paralegal, Debbie Savigliano established the 501(c)3 approved nonprofit organization – Bianca’s Kids.  We are proud to say that Long Marmero and currently Grace, Marmero both have been huge supporters of Bianca’s Kids since its inception and has donated to the organization years of in-kind and monetary support for their work in providing over 10,000 needy children and families in New Jersey with granted wishes, Christmas gifts and basic needs.

****Click on the links below for a small sampling of selected highlights of Long Marmero’s efforts at changing lives through Bianca’s Kids:

Freeholder Doug Long teams up with Bianca’s Kids to provide Christmas to a family in need.

Long Marmero has provided pro bono services to Anthony Pasquale – father of the late Autumn Pasquale, since his daughter’s murder in 2012. On the one year anniversary of Autumn’s passing, Bianca’s Kids granted a wish for Mr. Pasquale.


Long Marmero assists Bianca’s Kids in providing homeless family with a home for the holidays.

Doug Long (a/k/a Santa Claus) surprises child who lost his home to fire on Thanksgiving.


Needy children of Vineland, New Jersey receive backpacks and school supplies.


Long Marmero appointed General Counsel for NAACP

Douglas Long of Woodbury law firm, Long, Marmero, LLP was appointed General Counsel for the Vineland chapter of the NAACP.

The Greater Vineland Chapter Branch 2115 approved the appointment at the charter’s monthly meeting that took take place on Tuesday, February 28th at 7 pm. The meeting was held at the Veterans Memorial Home on the North West Boulevard in Vineland.

“I look forward to continuing the relationship Doug Long has had with the NAACP. Doug is a long term supporter of the NAACP. This will be the perfect fit for our organization,” said President Richard Smith.

The Greater Vineland Chapter Branch 2115 is a local chapter of the oldest and largest civil rights organization. The NAACP’s goal is to fight for social justice for all Americans.

 Douglas Long is an attorney and founding partner of law firm Long, Marmero, LLP. The Woodbury firm deals governmental/quasi governmental representation, land development and crisis management. The firm is known for providing professional and dedicated service to its clients.

 “I’m honored that the NAACP would consider selecting our firm to serve their organization.  We will provide excellent legal counsel to the NAACP, as its beliefs stand in line with our goals and ideals,” said Long.

January Reorganizations

January is a time of new beginnings for municipal governments. In the first few weeks most municipalities seat the November winners and make appointments to boards for the coming year. The body also enters into contracts with professionals such as Engineers, Attorneys and other consultants. Long, Marmero will be welcomed as trusted advisor to several new boards and bodies in 2017 while continuing to serve our current clients. We look forward to helping our officials find new and innovative ways to improve their communities.

What is a Codicil

A Codicil to a will is an amendment to your Last Will and Testament and is used in some situations to save the expense and time of executing an entirely new document.

You may want to change the name of an executor, you may want to leave somebody out that you had already previously given something to.

A Codicil looks the same as a will but it is much shorter. It simply refers to the paragraph you want to change, makes the change and then you sign it in front of two witnesses and a notary in the same way that you executed your original Will.

Some issues should not be addressed in a Codicil and may require the execution of an entirely new document. Consult an attorney about when the use of a codicil is appropriate for your needs.

If you have a question about your estate plan invest in the peace of mind of speaking with a Long, Marmero attorney.

Long Marmero appointed to Bridgeton Zoning Board

August 12, 2010

The firm of Long Marmero & Associates has been appointed as counsel to the Bridgeton Zoning Board.

Bridgeton is a city in Cumberland County, New Jersey, on the Cohansey River, near Delaware Bay. As of the United States 2000 Census, the city population was 22,771. Bridgeton has a rich history and is a hub for agricultural production in the Garden State. The city has the largest historic district of any incorporated town in New Jersey; it is dominated by large Victorian houses and a downtown area constructed in the 1920s.

Long Marmero is one of the most recognized names in municipal government and land use law in southern New Jersey with experience assisting a diverse group of municipalities and entities throughout the region.